Black Stallion High Performance 2T

Black Stallion High Performance 2 T is a mineral oil-based product formulated to lubricate small-engine and the motor bikes of cross-country race or trial. It controls wear, provides top power output by reducing deposits and ring sticking. It also helps to extend spark plug life and corrosion.

Black Stallion High Performance 2 T is suitable for all types of 2 T engines: motorbikes, scooters, trial and quads that are Mixing Instructions:

For use as pre-mix, Black Stallion High Performance 2 T should be mixed with gasoline in the ratio recommended by the engine manufacturer.


Standard /Performance Level

– Provides good protection against port blocking and piston tightening
– Keeps exhaust systems and motor clean



– 500ml / Bottles x 48
– 1 Liter / Bottles x 30
– 18 Liter / Pail
– 200 Liter / Drum


 Density, g/ml @ 15°C  Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ (ASTM-D445)

40°C                  100°C 

Flash Point 

°C / °F 

Flash Point

°C / °F


Viscosity Index
0.890 50                            8.00 95 -18  135 



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