Black Stallion ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid)

Black Stallion ATF is specially formulated to use automatic transmission and power shift / steering units. It is compatible with all brand named ATF grades. Its unique formulation produces a fluid with exceptional frictional stability, superior anti-wear and extreme-pressure properties, and a smooth but firm “shift-feel” unequalled in order ATF’s.

Black Stallion ATF is recommended to be used in automatic transmission with require hydraulic fluids having a friction coefficient that rises as the relative sliding speed between friction surfaces decreases

Standard /Performance Level

– Reduce chain stretch, chain and bar wear
– Cooler running chain and bar
– Clings to metal surfaces. Deliver unparallel lubrication and protection



– 1 Liter / Bottles
– 4 Liters / Bottles
– 18 Liters / Pail
– 200 Litres / Drum
– 209 Liters / Drum


 ATF  Density, 

g / ml @ 15°C 

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ (ASTM-D445) 

40°C                         100°C 

Flash Point 

°C / °F 

Pour Point 

°C / °F 



II  0.885  40                                      7 210  -50  136 
III  0.845  36                                   7.3 225 -48 174


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