Black Stallion Brake Fluid Dot 3

Black Stallion Brake Fluid Dot 3 is non-mineral fluid specially designed for use in disc-brake hydraulic system and hydraulically operated clutches. It offers superior performance, both in terms of wet and dry boiling point and rubber swell characteristics. It has greatly improved resistance against “Brake-fade” under high temperature conditions and minimize evaporation losses and impart increase protection against corrosion.

It is recommended that the fluid be replaced every 24 months under average driving conditions.


Standard /Performance Level

– Equivalent to SAE J1703f
– Boiling in excess of 280°C
– FMVSS 116 Dot 4



– 750 ml Liters / Bottles x 30
– 1 Liters / Bottles x 30
– 209 Liters / Drum



g / ml @ 28°C 

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ (ASTM-D445) 

40°C                               100°C 



Flash Point 

°C / °F 



1.01  2.5                                     >1.6 0.0008  148  245 


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