Black Stallion Chainsaw Oil CS200

Black Stallion Chainsaw Oil CS200 is a quality lubricant designed for the lubricant and excellent performance in air-cooled and two-stroke cycle engines. It is especially formulated for use in slides of chainsaws operating over a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

Black Stallion Chainsaw Oil CS200 is free from harmful and are suitable for use on all makes of chainsaws, offering low oil consumption combined with effective wear protection.


Standard /Performance Level

– Meets standard of API TC



– 1 Liters / Bottles x 24
– 5 Liters / Bottles x 6
– 18 Liters / Pail
– 200 Liters / Drum
– 209 Liters / Drum



g / ml @ 15°C 

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ (ASTM-D445) 

40°C                               100°C 

Flash Point 

°C / °F 

Pour Point 

°C / °F 



0.885  69                                      9.1 220  -9  125 


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