Black Stallion Fully Synthetic SAE 5W30

Black Stallion Fully Synthetic SAE 5W30 Premium high Performance, multi-grade engine oil formulated using selective synthetic base and latest additive technology. SN category oils are designed to provide better high temperature deposit control, lower oil consumption and also provides excellent protection to your engine performance.

Black Stallion Fully Synthetic SAE 5W30 is high quality product in gasoline engine lubricants and has significantly improved performance over conventional mineral oils. It is recommended for high performance gasoline and diesel engines that require a lubricant of the highest performance level.

Standard / Performance Level

– Equivalent to SAE 5W-30
– Equivalent or exceed to API service SN/CF
– CCMC – European Specification


* 4 Liters / Bottles x 8
* 18 Liters / Pails
* 200 Liters / Drum
* 209 Liters / Drum

 Density, g/ml @ 15°C 

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ (ASTM-D445)

40°C                          100°C

Flash Point

°C / °F 

Flash Point

°C / °F

Viscosity index
0.835 86.52                           15.23 230 -39  186


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