Black Stallion Outboard TCW III

Black Stallion Outboard TCW III is especially designed to give excellent performance in two-stroke outboard engines of all makes and horsepower engines. It is also formulated for used in oil injected as well as premix with gasoline at the percentage recommended by the manufacturer.

Black Stallion Outboard TCW III is an ashless fluid designed for use in high performance, water-cooled, two-stroke cycle engines used to drive outboard motors. Recommended Mixing, 1:50


Standard /Performance Level

– Better controls of ring-sticking and sparks plug fouling
– Gives superior anti-wear and anti-scuff protection
– Forms a permanent oil film avoiding any risk of seizure and biding
– Provides excellent protection against corrosion and rust
– Prediluted blue-green for easy detection of gasoline or oil mixture



– 500ml / Bottles x 30
– 5 Liter / Bottles x 6
– 18 Liters / Pail
– 200 Liters / Drum
– 209 Liters / Drum



g / ml @ 15°C 

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ (ASTM-D445) 

40°C                                 100°C 

Flash Point 

°C / °F 

Pour Point 

°C / °F 



0.885  50.5                                     7.2 215 -9  112 


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