Black Stallion Plus 1000 20W50

Black Stallion Plus 1000 20w50 is high performance multi grade engine oil is a “SG/CF” crankcase oil developed for all season use in gasoline and diesel engines operating under severe and high temperature conditions.

Black Stallion Plus 1000 20w50 API SG/CF excellent high temperature protection assures full-body lubrication and the top-end performance of engines operating under high load factors such as trailer towing or at sustained high speed feed way driving.

Standard /Performance Level

– Equivalent to API Service 10w30
– Equivalent to API service SN/CF


– 4 Liters / Bottles x 8
– 18 Liters / Pails
– 200 Litres / Drum
– 209 Liters / Drum



g / ml @ 15°C 

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ (ASTM-D445) 

40°C                                100°C 

Flash Point 

°C / °F 



0.873  115                                     14.12 220  118 


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