Black Stallion Radiator Coolant

Black Stallion Radiator Coolant ensures freeze protection and corrosion protection for cooling systems of all engines both gasoline and diesel. It is water soluble and compatible with glycol coolants and anti-freeze additives.

Black Stallion Radiator Coolant protects all metal such as cast iron, steel, copper and aluminium from corrosion and oxidation. It does not affect the rubber hoses. It helps to prevent oxygen pitting, which causes accelerated corrosion and leaks.

Black Stallion Radiator Coolant is recommended for all radiator and cooling systems in gasoline and diesel, either stationery or in vehicles as the sole protective additive or in combination with glycol and anti-freeze products.



* 750ml Liters / Bottles x 30
* 1 Later / Bottles x 24
* 209 Liters / Drum

 Colour Toxicity  pH  Flammability Specified Gravity 
Fluorescent Green Low, Harmful if swallowed 7 – 9 Non-Flammability  1.105 


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